Book Repair 2 Day Workshop

Book Repair Decisions and Techniques – 2 Day Workshop

Description: Hundreds of books cross circulation desks every day that are in need of repair and mending. Many books are repaired in technical services departments by staff who have had little or no training. This course is designed for library staff in small and medium size libraries, archives, historical societies and museums, as well as library science students. The goal of this course is to teach repair methods that are less damaging to the books and will act as a building block toward ‘archival quality’ or ‘preservation oriented’ collection maintenance.

Students will develop an appreciation for the complexity of book structures. They will learn which book repair methods are sturdy and durable, and which damage is best suited for repair at the bindery.

Workshop Outcomes: Students will be able to:

  • Identify the structure of books.
  • Determine which books to bind commercially.
  • Evaluate damage for appropriate in-house treatment.
  • Perform archival repair techniques.
  • Evaluate archival supplies and techniques

Participants will learn to:

  • Repair torn pages.
  • Tip in loose pages.
  • Tighten hinges.
  • Reattach broken hinges.
  • Repair spine damage.
  • Recase books.
  • Sew pamphlets.