Book Repair 2 Day Course Outline

Book Repair Workshop

Day 1 (order of activities may vary)

  • Introduction to the topic, review of damage and importance of collection maintenance.
  • Overview of preservation and basic care of collections.
  • Review of book structure, causes of book structure failure.
  • Discuss repair decisions and basic repair techniques with emphasis on appropriateness for circulating collections.
  • Vendors of supplies for book repair
  • Video: How to Operate a Book
  • Video:   Birth of a Book


Overnight assignment: Read Gaylord’s Guide to Collections Care Section #4 and BookCraft.  Both distributed at beginning of class. (2 hours)

ONLINE RESOURCE: Basic Book Repair Manual, a cooperative initiative of the Ohio Preservation and State Library of Ohio

Day 2 – Hands-on repair decisions and techniques

  • torn pages
  • tip in loose pages
  • Pamphlet binding – single and multiple signatures


  • repair simple spine damage
  • reattach broken hinges
  • Construct simple phase boxes

distribute post class assignment, wrap up class, evaluation