Preservation of Library Materials Workshop

Preservation Management – 2-day  workshop

Overview of topic and literature
Unit 1 – Enemies of Books
Preservation education for Staff & Users

  • Preservation Week, sponsored by ALA, is the perfect time for outreach
  • Murder In the Stacks (30 min. video) discussion of preservation issues
  • Archival Quality Materials – evaluating products
  • Vendors of supplies for book repair

Care & Handling of Library Materials

  • for another perspective on handling rare and fragile items see: Handling Your Books   (Posted: 20 Sep 2011 03:53 PM PDT)

Review of recent issues including current literature on the topic, especially  Doublefold by Nicholas Baker and accompanying professional commentary.

Environmental Conditions

  • Slow Fires (video) – first half
  • storage conditions
  • Building / Collection Survey
  • Mass deacidification – what is it and what’s available

Unit 2 – Book Binding & Repair

Cleaning materials

Book Damage / Triage – collection development and decision making

  • circulating collections
  • rare and fragile
  • medium rare – in need of consideration, last copies –  Publishers Bindings Online
  • TSLAC Conservation “A Historical Book-like Box” (Example of boxes for heavily used materials)
  • Teper, Jennifer Hain. “The Preservation Self-Assessment Program: A Tool to Aid in Preservation and Conservation Prioritization.” MAC Newsletter (April 2016): 27-31. [available through KentLink]

Bindery Preparation & Selection

Non-book & Non-Paper Formats – photographs, documents, AV formats

Rare & Special Collections – What can we learn from the gutter of Jefferson’s Bible ? – National Museum of American History (Smithsonian)

Slow Fires – balance of video

Unit 3 – Reformatting

Reformatting options – photocopying, microfilming and digitizing

Exhibits: Shedding Light on the Case (video)

Unit 4 – Disaster Response and Prevention

How do you respond to and prevent disasters? How do you integrate the library’s or archive’s disaster response plan with that of the overall institution?

  • Response and Recovery Decisions
  • Insurance
  • Planning
  • Discussion of disaster prevention