Rare Books

Course Objectives

The course integrates many aspects of Rare Book Librarianship including History of the Printed Book, Bibliographic Description and various administrative aspects of Rare Book / Special Collections Departments. Overall we will explore rare and special books, their forms, functionality and uses by students, researchers and scholars.

Learning Outcomes – Students will be able to:

  •  Recognize the place of Rare Book collections within a library or archives
  • Identify and describe Rare Books, Manuscripts and non bound items
  • Characterize how researchers use materials in Special Collections/ Rare Book Rooms and the reference tools they need.
  • Explain basic cataloging and arrangement decision making for Rare Books, manuscripts and special collections.
  • Articulate preservation, conservation, and security concerns for Rare Collections
  • Identify the elements, activities and funding for a Rare Books Department, including promoting the Rare Books Collections through out the library and the academic community to encourage use of the materials and collections through exhibit, bibliographic instruction, research projects, and publication.
  • Identify and evaluate information sources on rare books available through publications and organizations and including technical standards, program development tools, and advocacy literature.
  • Organize and promote an exhibition.

Office hours: Monday afternoons from 4-5 pm and by appointment over e-mail, Google chat, or Skype. I am on e-mail every day but Saturday, so feel free to e-mail or send request for a Google Hangouts video chat appointment to discuss a problem.

Projects and Assignments will be submitted in assignment links on BB Learn as directed and on the website https://sites.google.com/a/kent.edu/rare-books-spring-2017/ as directed.

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