Finding heirs and owners using Genealogy Records

Do you have Probate cases where you need to find a few missing heirs? Do you need to determine the descendants of landowners and leaseholders If you’ve explored the usual records in the courthouse, particularly wills and estates, and come up empty, now’s the time to use genealogy and local history records.

Learn about genealogy and local history records that will help you in your search, including census records, city directories, cemetery records, and even newspapers.

Participants will:

  • Explore the records on Ancestry and Family Search, the two big genealogy databases.
  • Examine census records,
  • Investigate city directories and cemetery records, and
  • Search online newspapers.

Participants will leave with basic knowledge and skills to identify which genealogy and local history databases and evaluate the information retrieved. Paper examples of records will be distributed to all attendees.

Presented by Dr. Miriam Kahn, MLS, PhD – MBK Consulting, Columbus, OH