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1930 Census Searching Techniques Using 1920 Census Records and Sources  *


* search and examples compiled by Paul Immel - Former Genealogy Librarian at the State Library of Ohio


1. Name of the person you want to check in the 1920 census.

            OUR EXAMPLE: John Immel


2. If you believe he/she lived in a city, see the 1920 directory for that city.

           Since John Immel lived in Columbus, we are going to check a directory for that city.


3. In the directory, find the name and his/her street address.

            He is listed as “Jno. Immel” a "boarder" at 1382 Livingston Ave.

Look in the back of the City Directory for the street listings.  Find your street number.  Above and below that listing will be the intersecting streets.  You will need this information to help you with the enumeration district indexes and maps.


4. Once you identify him/her in the city directory, see the Description of Census Enumeration Districts, 1830-1950 and find the roll(s) for the state they live in.

          Ohio is listed on roll 54 (Columbus Metropolitan Library Biography History and Travel Division has ordered the 1930 roll only.)


5. Next, in the Description of Census Enumeration Districts microfilm roll, find the correct "Supervisor's District."  

          Since Columbus is in Franklin County, the "Supervisor's District" for 1920 is number 12.


6. Once you have the "Supervisor's District," scan the descriptions of the enumeration district and locate the one(s) which contain the street address found in the city directory.

          Descriptions for enumeration districts 92 and 93 include Livingston Ave., John's place of residence according to the city directory.


 7. Having obtained the enumeration district(s) number(s) for the street of residence, go to the actual census microfilm and locate (1), the state; (2), the county; and finally (3), the enumeration district on the label on the microfilm roll box.

          The 92nd and 93rd enumeration districts are found on roll 1381 of the 1920 Federal Census for Franklin County, Columbus City.


8. Once you obtain the correct microfilm roll, find the enumeration district(s) you need and begin scanning for the name. [NOTE: The enumeration districts, particularly for large counties, are not necessarily in numerical order on the film.]

          After scanning all of enumeration district 92 without success, we find John Immel on line 8, on sheet 3, in enumeration district 93.


Order of information to find is:

Roll# for Description of Census Enumeration Districts

Supervisor’s District number

Enumeration District number

 Also use Enumeration District Maps

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