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Outline for

 KSU Government Documents 

and Resources OnLine

Day One (9am-4:30pm)

Overview of Government Documents

·        History of the Government Printing Office

·        Discussion of the importance of government documents, unique features of documents including the Superintendent of Documents classification system

·        E-Government, what is it and how does it affect libraries and the FDLP

Searching and Retrieving Government Documents Efficiently using online and print resources

·        FDsys www.gpo.gov

·        Congress.gov (formerly Thomas) http://beta.congress.gov/

·        LexisNexis Congressional (through KSU library – requires proxy for access off campus)

FDsys - the official Government Printing Office website for Government Documents

·        Overview

·        Searching techniques and review of Boolean logic

o     Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations and Unified Agenda

o       Congressional Record

o       Congressional Bills and Public Laws

o       Catalog of US Government Publications

Comparison of FDsys with THOMAS and LexisNexis Congressional (Available through KentLink)

  • Explore differences in searching techniques and resources
  • Sample exercises

Library of Congress - In Custodia Legis http://blogs.loc.gov/law/?s=beginner%27s+guide

  • Executive Orders
  • Voting Records

copyright and citation style

Day Two

Finding Ohio Government Documents on the web using Ohio Capital Connection www.hannah.com  and the State of Ohio www.ohio.gov website

Continue searching FDsys, Thomas, and LexisNexis Congressional

History of Print Indexes


Finding Government Information on the Internet


Government Information on the Web (fee vs free search tools)

  • Historical and political documents
  • Reference tools and resources
  • International government documents,
  • Federal Government Information
  • State and Local Government Information and resources
  • Other websites and search engines  http://www.mbkcons.com/wkshp/govdocs/govdocslinks.htm

Current Government Activities in the News

From the NY Times 7 March 2010: Article about Florida Everglades and water rights

(VAN NATTA, DON  Jr. and DAMIEN CAVE. "Deal to Save Everglades May Help Sugar Firm" New York Times (7 March 2010): US Section  - digital edition (Florida’s plan to reclaim the wetlands is instead on track to rescue the fortunes of United States Sugar) http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/08/us/08everglades.html

What types of government documents would you use to find out more about water rights, wetland reclamation, and the Florida Everglades? How about watersheds in Ohio? Can you find information about them?


Sample exercises


Background of GPO Access, Government Documents on-line and the development of the databases  : see article from ACADEME V 88 no 4 (July - Aug 2002) [Available through JSTOR]

Review of Take Home Assignment

Links to Government Document sites Links to Government Information Sites Government Bibliography 2-day Course Outline

Workshop & Lecture Descriptions Websites & Bibliographies Consulting About MBK
Publications Schedule KSU Students Home


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