Locate census records for urban and rural areas, particularly 1790-1940 population.

  • Federal Census Enumeration Districts
  • State Census Records  – 19th and 20th century quadrennial censuses

Analyze census records

  • Questions asked and answered
  • Population changes
  • Compiled vs manuscript census records

Utilize city directories to co-ordinate with census data

  • Anatomy of a city directory 19th and 20th century
    • Name
    • Streets
    • Businesses
    • Phone exchanges – 20th century
    • Additional Information
  • Coordinating Census Enumeration Districts with Residents
  • Tracking names and locations
  • Identifying change

Additional Materials as time permits

Corroborate census and city directory information with other public records

  • Tax maps and aerial surveys
  • tax duplicates
  • land records
    • Types of data
    • coordinating data with census enumeration districts