Cooking and Nutrition on the Web


Have you ever wondered if what you are eating is as healthy as is tastes? How can you find out? Your patrons are wondering. This half-day workshop will identify websites that contain information about recipes, dieting, and nutrition. Which helps you lose weight faster, diet or exercise? What types of ingredients go into a great flaky pie crust and are they good for you? Do holistic medicine and herbal remedies work? The information is all out there on the web! So let’s explore and find those great sites that tell all and help the patron at the same time.


Participants will learn about websites for:

  • Nutrition and Diet and the newest food pyramid
  • Cooking techniques, recipes and ingredients
  • Exercise and wellness regimens


Library staff responsible for reference services

More Information

Instructor: Miriam Kahn, MLS – MBK CONSULTING Columbus, OH