Find information on how Enron stock holders are affected by the bankruptcy.

When did the new copyright laws go into effect?  How are they different from the older laws?

When the new tax laws went into effect in 2001, there were changes to the IRA contribution amounts.  What are they?

Can you find information on the architecture and construction of the World Trade Center?

What is the latest installment of the federal law suit against Microsoft?

Against the tobacco industry?

How are the 2002 Olympics going?  Who is competing today in the skiing competitions?

What is the status of Taxpayers’ Relief bills in congress?

Who won the Nobel Prize for literature last year?

What is the Pulitzer Prize and who won the prizes last year?

When is the next installment of Harry Potter coming out?

Where can I find current information on the War against Terrorism?  And what is the USA Patriot Act (2001)?