Information and Reference Sources


Ohio Capitol Connection (available in OPLIN and OhioLink Libraries)

Librarians Index to the Internet

Internet Public Library

Military Librarians Division of SLA – Websites & Links

NYT – Resource Navigator – Information Sources

Cybertimes (NY Times)

Statistical Abstract

OSU – Journalism Library links

NYTimes – 2004 political trail

Newspaper location sites

Newspaper Sites:

The Paperboy – newspaper sites on the Internet

All You Can Read – links to numerous current issues of magazines and newspapers

Online Newspapers

Newspapers, Television and Radio – selected sites

NYT 150 year anniversary site

The New York Times (requires free registration)

The Washington Post

The Times – of London

Business First

The Columbus Dispatch

USA Today







bloomberg – business news


Atlantic Monthly online

Time Magazine

US News and World Report

Political Sites


Foreign Affairs Magazine

CSPAN’s American Politics

CSPAN’s Capitol Spotlight

State News & Politics

Political Graveyard:  Politicians dead and alive

WWW Virtual Library

Researching politics on the web

History and Politics Out Loud

White House

CIA Factbooks

On Politics – includes polls and political articles from the Washington Post

WTC / Pentagon Attack / War on Terrorism Sites

CBS News – Disaster Links – all types and versions of disasters

New York Times – Resource Navigator – September 11, 2001 information

Hot Topics – from Evergreen State College Washington – September 11,2001

InfoLine United Way

NPR – America Responds Archives

PBS – America Responds Archive

New York State Historical Records Advisory Board

Librarians’ Index to the Internet – WTC / Pentagon Resources

National Coalition Against Censorship – Art Exhibits 9-11-2001

Related & Background information sites

Middle East Forum

Congressional Quarterly – Recent Terrorism Events

Biographical Information on Ossam Bin Laden

More sources of info on Ossam Bin Laden

Miscellaneous Issues and Events in the News


Background from the Houston Chronicle

CNN – Enron’s Backruptcy


2004 Olympics

Literary News

Literary Awards

J.R.R. Tolkien

J.K. Rowling