Data, Data Everywhere: Finding and Using Current US & Ohio Census Information


Get the background information on how and why the Census is such a useful tool for spotting trends and researching communities.  There’s so much more to know that just the total population.  Online tools and resources to be featured will include American Fact Finder, State of the Cities data service, and Ohio’s Development Services Agency (was Office of Strategic Research).


  • Discover free 2000 and 2010 Census Data available from the Federal Government.
  • Explore Ohio census and statistical information.
  • Navigate and manipulate population and economic statistics
  • Create charts and maps using current and historical data
  • Adapt Lesson Plans for K-12 students to your patrons’ needs


Public, Academic, and K-12 Librarians, General Reference Librarians, interested professionals and paraprofessionals, new Government Documents Librarians and new Business Information Librarians.  This is a review or refresher workshop for experienced Government Documents and Business Librarians.

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Miriam Kahn, MLS, PhD- MBK CONSULTING Columbus, OH