Disaster Response and Prevention for Computers and Data


Libraries and information centers are increasingly dependent upon computers and automated systems, and the data that is obtained through them. Even a few hours without computers and on-line services can be disastrous. Just as disaster response planning is important to keep the paper based services of the library functioning, so is a plan to recover all on-line and automated services and data.
Note: this seminar WILL NOT discuss how to reinstall data onto computer systems.


Basic information for responding to a disaster involving water damaged computers, hardware and software

Simple disaster recovery procedures for dealing with wet hardware and software

Information about what to do if your data and backups are damaged

Guidelines for decisions about retention or replacement of various formats

Suggestions on how to get information services running from an alternative location

Design your own disaster response plan and procedures for information systems and services.


All types of libraries, corporate and information centers, as well as small data centers with responsibility for disaster prevention and response.

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Miriam Kahn, MLS – MBK CONSULTING Columbus, OH