Disaster Response & Continuous Operations Planning: Designing plans that are pro-active

Every library, archive, museum and historical society suffers disasters from water leaks and mold to power and phone outages.  Today, our cultural institutions have to consider electronic resources, computers, digital data and office records in print and digital formats.  Some are easy to recover after a disaster; some will not exist if you do not plan ahead.  It’s what you do to prevent it, the ways you plan for it, and the speed with which you respond that determines the cost of a disaster to your institution, and to the community it serves.  Disaster response planning is essential. Learn how to design a recovery plan so that disasters become a change in routine.

Planning will focus on:

  • Recovery of water damaged collections.
  • Dealing with Mold and Indoor Air Quality issues.
  • Basics of insurance for collections and buildings.
  • Recovery from physical damage to computers during a disaster.
  • Proactive planning to recover automated systems, information services and administrative records.
  • Staffing issues before, during and after a disaster.

Written materials will be provided to assist with starting your disaster response plan today.

Audience: Library & Archives Administrators, Facilities & Maintenance Managers, Librarians and Archivists responsible for Preservation and any other interested staff

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