Response and Recovery Procedures


1. Immediate response to notification that there is a disaster.

Gather the team.

Alert outside professionals of the disaster

Determine if the building should be closed and for how long

2. Assess the scope of damage.

Call in outside assistance.

Organize recovery steps based upon prioritization (developed or assigned in planning phase)

Set up communications – internal and external

3. Begin to deal with items that fall into primary prioritization / recovery categories.

Arrange for temporary office space if building inaccessible

Purchase or Rent computers, office equipment

Install at least 3 phone lines (incoming, outgoing & modem/fax)

Contact Media with Positive PR, contact information, etc.

Reassign/reallocate staff as needed

Arrange for counseling for emotional issues


Restore primary services – skeleton staff

Restore primary functions – skeleton functions with available staff

Return to normal – most staff back to regular duties

Evaluate response procedures and revise disaster response plan.


For more information or checklists consult:  Disaster Response and Planning for Librariesby Miriam Kahn available for purchase at ALA Online Store.