Course Outline

Introduction to Genealogy and Local History

Census Indexes

  • Print Indexes

Soundex  & Miracode

Exercise # 1

Census Records

1930 Census – as of April 1, 2002 – NARA description and searching techniques

Instructions for searching the 1930 census without an index or Soundex

Here are downloadable forms  for each census (1790-1930)

The National Archives publication “Prologue” has a good article on how the Enumeration Districts for the 1930 census were drawn

1940 Census – as of April 1, 2012 NARA information for searching Enumeration Districts

1940 Federal Population Census Films

New Questions in the 1940 Census Prologue (Winter 2010)1940 Census Official Website at NARA

case study #1

IGI / International Genealogy Index  (now online at

  • how to read it, what does it tell the researcher

Vital Records – Birth, DeathMarriage and Divorce

Exercise # 2

Sampling the riches of the World Wide Web