Indoor Air Quality and Sick Building Syndrome


Every time something is done in or to the library or the building that houses it, there is the potential to create an imbalance in the internal environment. These changes can cause the collection to deteriorate more quickly, can exacerbate allergies, and make the staff sick, not to mention cause water damage to the building through carelessness or accident. Buildings that have windows that don’t open, chronic maintenance problems, or have experienced a water related disaster are prime candidates for a sick building. Learn about these potential problems before they affect your building and what to do to prevent or counteract them.


What to do if the building keeps growing mold!!

Improving the environment – low cost solutions

Why good indoor air quality is important.

What causes Sick Building Syndrome

The effect of poor indoor air quality on the life of collections and the health of staff


Library Administrators, Facility Managers and staff responsible for the physical condition of the library, and staff responsible for preservation and maintenance of the collection.

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Miriam Kahn, MLS – MBK CONSULTING Columbus, OH