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Did you know that Ohio is the birthplace of seven presidents? That early settlers came here in the 1780’s despite the dangers of Indians, the British and the French, to find a better life for themselves? That the Ohio River was one of the greatest highways moving people from the east to the west, to settle the Mississippi River basin and the Plains States? Learn about Ohio’s history and famous faces using all the rich and varied resources at our disposal. Our libraries are full of histories, biographies, photographs and Internet web sites. All we need are the key access points to mine this information and provide excellent reference services.


Learn print and Internet resources for biographical information on famous Ohioans

Discover the events and wars that shaped the History and Evolution of Ohio

Navigate national web sites and resources that contain information about Ohio’s history

Suggest locations for travel and exploration of Ohio’s rich history


Librarians, Archivists and Paraprofessionals who provide reference services in public schools, and public and academic libraries.

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