Exercises for Ohio History & People: Resources for Excellent Reference Services

1. I have to write a paper about the Indians in Ohio and their encounters with the white man. Where can I find this information?

2. I’m giving a speech and want to include some information about some of the Presidents from Ohio. Where can I find their dates and highlights of their time in office?

3. We saw a sign for the Ohio & Erie Canal but couldn’t see the canal. When was it created? Where did it go?

4. I need the text to the Ohio Constitution.

5. Where can I find pictures of cities in Southeast Ohio?

6. I just moved to Ohio and want to find out about the history of the state. Can you recommend some historical fiction and fiction? Where can I find more books like them when I finish the list you give me?

7. My friend moved to Toledo and talks about various parts of the city.

Where can I ‘see’ pictures of the area and get some historical background so I know what he’s talking about?

8. I need a map of Ohio in 1810.

9. My teacher wants me to write about an early pioneer in Ohio. Where can I find information about two of them? Who are the most famous?

10. When we drive around we see those historical markers but never have time to stop. Is there a way to find the text and read the markers?