Preservation of Non-Print Materials


Our libraries and archives are quickly filling up with video and audio tape, compact discs, and other forms of magnetic and electronic media. Many collections include vast numbers of photographs and other film-based materials. The life-spans of each format is different. They are more dependent upon the storage environment and handling procedures for a long life, than paper based materials. How do you get more life out of these collections and still let patrons have access to them? How do you protect the materials from internal decomposition? How does technology help and hinder our efforts to preserve the non-print aspects of our civilizations?


Learn about environmental conditions for non-print collections

Establish and review handling and access practices to prevent deterioration from rough handling

Review technological solutions for access, including CD-ROM, Optical discs and scanning; their advantages and disadvantages

Learn about long-term “archival” storage and retention of electronic and magnetic formats


Libraries and archives with special collections of non-print and/or AV materials

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Miriam Kahn, MLS – MBK CONSULTING Columbus, OH