Book Repair 1 Day Workshop


This workshop is designed for general, circulating collections in public and small academic libraries. The approach will be to teach methods for repairing books with less damaging techniques, as a building block toward “archival quality” or “preservation oriented” collection maintenance. Attendees will learn about the structure of a book, what books should be sent to the bindery and what books can be repaired at the library.Each attendee will receive a supply kit and a list of supplies to take back to the library.

Attendance limit: 20 per session.

Cost: $60 / kit plus attendance fee.

Techniques to be taught:

  • Repairing torn pages
  • Tip-in loose pages
  • Hinge tightening
  • Reattaching broken hinges
  • Simple spine repair
  • simple pamphlet binding or sewing signatures (time permitting)


Staff responsible for repairing general circulating collections, where there is no formal preservation department or program.

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Miriam Kahn, MLS, PhD – MBK CONSULTING Columbus, OH