Repair methods for archival & manuscript collections 1/2 Day Workshop


This hands-on repair workshop is designed for Manuscript and Print collections only.  It will not cover photographs, film or magnetic based materials.

As each mss collection is processed or scheduled for use, various repairs can be performed to increase the lifespan of the paper materials and make them useable by our patrons and researchers.  Learn simple repair techniques to maintain and/or your mss and print collections when you process or use the materials.

Each attendee will receive a supply kit and a list of supplies to take back to the library.

Attendance limit: 20 per session.

Cost: $60 / kit plus attendance fee.

Techniques to be taught:

  • torn paper using adhesive, document repair tape and
  • demonstration of heat set tissue repair for paper
  • removal of ‘foreign’ objects from collections (paper clips, rubber bands)
  • techniques for flattening paper
  • re-housing techniques for folded materials including simple rare book boxes
  • pamphlet binding – sewing in pamphlets


Archivists, librarians and support staff

More Information


Miriam Kahn, MLS – MBK CONSULTING Columbus, OH