Statistical census for the 21st Century and Related Statistics


Have your patrons been clamoring for ‘current’ statistics? Are they asking for population changes, density and housing information? The Bureau of the Census releases the statistical census bit by bit. Beginning with the 2010 census, all the data is released only online. More information appears on their web site every day. This workshop looks at the new population data, examines the Ohio County Profiles, and economic information as released by the Bureau of the Census and the Ohio Office of Strategic Research


  • Discover the 2000 and 2010 Census Data available from the Federal Government.
  • Become familiar with Ohio census and statistical information.
  • Keep current on new population and economic statistics
  • Create charts and maps using current and historical data.


General Reference Librarians, interested professionals and paraprofessionals, new Government Documents Librarians and new Business Information Librarians.  This is a review or refresher workshop for experienced Government Documents and Business Librarians.

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Miriam Kahn, MLS – MBK CONSULTING Columbus, OH