Links for Census 2000, 2010 and Related Statistics

The US Census

History and organization of the Census

What the Constitution has to say about the Census

2000 census

2010 census

American Community Survey – what is it?

American Fact Finder – state demographics

Social Explorer (the free version) All the statistical census decades

Office of Research -Ohio Development Services Agency

Ohio Capital Connection (available in libraries only)

US Economic Statistics – 1997

US Economic Statistics – 2002

US Economic Statistics – 2007

US Economic Statistics – 2012

Federal Economic Indicators

USA.Gov (for government Information)

state of the cities data service

American Indian and Alaska Native Statistics & Data

Population Censuses through Ancestry  (requires a  a subscription

Historical Census Data

Census forms – historical

History of the Census

University of Michigan Government Documents – Research guides

OSU extension data center

US Historical Census Data Browser

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