Outline for Statistical Census for the 21st Century and Related Statistics

Brief history of the Federal Census

Where the Constitution fits in

How the Census is used

  • to determine how many people live in a given area
  • how many require government services
  • where to market services and products
  • where to build homes and shopping malls
  • changing demographics or population

Which information is private, which public and why

How is the current census different from that used by genealogists?

Census 2000 statistics and reports for Ohio

Use American Fact Finder

  • to find census tracts
  • to find statistics
  • to create maps and charts that describe the statistics

Questions from the past 2 censuses

In 2010, short forms will be the norm, because of the actions of the American Community Survey

Ohio Statistics from the Office of Strategic Research

  • Population
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Industry and Businesses

US Economic Statistics – every 5 years – 1997 is now available

Finding information about the census using FDsys & THOMAS

State of the Cities data service

Historical Census Data

Census Forms 1790-1970

Practice Exercises

Books about government documents