Links for Arts & Crafts on the Internet

General Reference Sites

New York Times Learning Channel – focuses on educational topics for teachers and parents. This site uses current events to teach history, art, etc. Similar educational sites are available through your newspaper

Virtual Library index main page for the site

The Internet Public Library

OPLIN – Ohio Public Library Information Network

Start Spot – General search engine  select subcategories: Network, Gourmet, Homework, museum, library and many other categories and links to information

Smithsonian Institution – museums and other great cultural information

The Library of Congress site is full of information, images and sound.  In particular theAmerican Memory Project has lots of information about arts & crafts in America.

Video Instruction



video google


Eastman Kodak Museum’s website on film and photography

An Online Guide to Pinhole PhotographySee projects for Kids at the bottom of their web page

Kodak for information about photography, its processes and history  select ‘about Kodak’, then history

Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC) special exhibition: Photography: Processes, Preservation, and Conservation

Timeline of the history of photography

Beyond the Lens: Best Photography Resource for Professionals (includes links to history of photography sites.)

Pinhole Photography

Put your photos on the web




Appliance Repair Tips & Help

Today’s Homeowner. & This Old HouseThis online magazine delivers practical in-depth advice on maintaining and improving the home and yard.

Home & Garden Television websiteincludes information on variety of crafts, repairs and design for video clips on ‘how to do it’

Do It Yourself Network information on crafts, autos, home repair, gardening and landscaping

Better Homes & Gardens helpful tips & techniques for home repair, remodeling, gardening and food

e-how (requires free registration)

Of course  – YouTube has tons of videos about ‘how to’ – here’s a few

Expert Village

Cars & Motorcycles

PM (Popular Mechanics) Automotive articles about cars and motorcycles including collectables and maintenance

America on the Move – Automobiles & mechanics at the Smithsonian


Woodworker’s online resource of how-to’s, tools, reviews and TV Shows.

all about wood and woodworking

howcast – woodworking

diy woodworking

fine woodworking


CookStr – great recipes

Baking 911  tips, recipes, and definitions

Vegkitchen – vegetarian food, recipes and information for ‘new’ vegetarians.

The Kitchen Link is a comprehensive, organized listing of recipes and food-related information available on the Net

Food Network

Culinary Cafe

Cooking Light

Joy of Baking

Cooking Expert on YouTube


Taunton Publishing –  Magazines about woodworking, homebuilding, sewing, cooking and gardening. Some full text articles are available.

Stitch Guide – Diagrams and descriptions of various stitches

knitting guild of America

The Art of Quilting – womenfolk

American Quilt Study Group

Knots  how to make them

Origami USA (contests & diagrams)

Origami club

Origami or Paper Folding – links to lots of sites to learn or learn about the craft

Origami Make

stamping techniques


Southeby’s colleting guides

Antiques Roadshow


Ohio State University – County extension offices and information on plants, agriculture and other related subjects

Plant: facts & research courtesy of the OSU Extension office

Buckeye Gardening contains gardening articles, plant of the month, landscape design, plants, flowers and trees

National Gardening Association helps gardeners with tips and hints for successful and fruitful gardens.

Gardening with Native Plants


Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Herb Society of America

some questions to test your skills

For links to Fine Arts Websites – Click here