Unlocking the US Serial Set


Historical, political, economic, and genealogical gems are hidden in the US Serial Set. Our founding fathers wanted citizens to know just what the government was doing and what Congress was studying. Learn how to unlock this complex government document for use in the classroom

Learning Outcomes:

  • Locating the US Serial Set online
  • Deciphering the complex citation style
  • Searching for reports, hearings, and maps
  • Analyzing US Serial Set documents


  • Historians teaching local history and public history; Librarians and archivists, genealogists and local historians


  • This hour long hands-on workshop can be expanded to include more resources upon request.
  • Attendees with receive sample records from the US Congressional Serial Set.

More Information


Miriam Kahn, MLS, MA, PhD – historian, researcher, and librarian at large


Miriam Kahn, MLS, MA, PhD is a freelance researcher in genealogy and local history. She has been to almost every courthouse in Ohio researching land records and other public records. Kahn has been teaching genealogy and local history for librarians and family historians since 1992 and is an expert on public records.

Technology requirements:

  • Computer with projector
  • If internet access is available, computers for all attendees