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Educational needs for staff in Libraries, Archives and Historical Societies

MBK CONSULTING designs in-service training for professional and paraprofessional staff suited to the specific needs of your institution.  Take a look at our specific workshop offerings, or we can design something especially for your staff.

We provide individual tutoring upon request in all subjects listed below.

Some suggested topics are:

Readers Advisory Helping Librarians identify and recommend books to people of all ages and backgrounds.  Learn to evaluate reviews and sources for their appeal and audience.


Reference Interview Skills Brush up your reference interview skills with exercises taken from real library reference desks.  Practice honing in on the need for the information, then locating the print or on-line source for the answers.


Genealogy & Local History Improve your reference skills in Genealogy & Local History. Learn about the print, microform and digital resources and how to use them to get the information your patrons are seeking.

Build your Genealogy & Local History collection to meet the needs of your patrons and community.


Government Information Do you have a collection of government documents that your staff needs to access but does not? Do your patrons come with questions about government agencies and programs? We train staff to access government information in online and print resources at federal, state, and local levels.


Collection Development Need to flesh out a collection, weed or just create pathfinders and bibliographies.  MBK CONSULTING can  help focus the search for suitable reference and  recreational reading books as well as web-sites and audio performances.

Website Development & Maintenance Services

Our seasoned experts can train you to develop, maintain, and expand your site to bring your valuable collections to your organizationís patrons.
Local History & Genealogy Sites Get those specialized local history & genealogy collections out to the public by mounting them on your website.  We will help you design, maintain and enhance your site and the institutions' collections through an online presence.

Preservation & Conservation & Disaster Response

Our focus is taking the ideal and applying it to t your institution's needs.  We specialize in small to medium size academic libraries, and public libraries, historical societies and archives of all sizes.

Disaster Response Links to service providers Are you dealing with a disaster? Are you rewriting and revising your disaster response plan and policies? Do you need a company to pack out materials and dry your building? We can help.
Building Surveys A detailed tour of the inside and outside of your facility to identify potential hazards as relates to a disaster response plan.  Special attention is paid to roofs, outside, below ground stairwells, emergency exits and alarm locations.


Collection Surveys A preservation survey of the physical and environmental needs of your collections.  The survey can be item-by-item or the collection as a whole. 


Collection Maintenance Plans Special attention is paid to the repair techniques used by your library to mend circulating collections, introduce new techniques and procedures.  Shelving and storage conditions and techniques are also addressed.


Disaster Response during response & recovery phases MBK CONSULTING will help you during a disaster, either over the phone or in person.  We provide recommendations for companies to perform water removal and freeze-drying & cleaning of books.  MBK CONSULTING provides hands-on assistance during the disaster and recovery phases.

Check out the materials in our workshop on Disaster Response

Disaster Response Plan Design and Training MBK CONSULTING designs plans and provides hands-on training specifically for your building, collections and staff.
Mold & Indoor Air Quality Issues MBK CONSULTING helps libraries deal with mold infections, providing information about mold and the damage it causes.  We work with Industrial Hygienists and Mold removal companies.

Research Projects

MBK CONSULTING provides research and reference services on a contractual basis.  We locate information on people, places, businesses and things.  Central Ohio has four major reference libraries to draw from,  the State Library of Ohio, The Ohio Historical Society, The Ohio State University Libraries and Columbus Metropolitan Library system.  Each has a specialized collections, on-line databases and resources. If the information is in a repository in the state, we will happily go there to retrieve it.

Our regular service area is Ohio and the surrounding states for a radius of 200 miles from Columbus. We will research other locations upon request, just contact us at mbkcons@gmail.com



MBK CONSULTING provides assistance locating vital records, census records, cemetery records and other documents sought by genealogists. 


Legal, Local, and Public History MBK CONSULTING helps companies, law firms and individuals locate maps, identify pieces of land, trace ownership of a house or tract of ground, and identify families and their heirs.  We also perform legal research, track corporate succession and compile histories of people, places and things.


Conservation and Preservation Issues MBK CONSULTING has files of Information about conservation and preservation issues, contacts in the field, and expertise to locate data about products and processes you seek.


Digital Technology Issues Our newest interest is the impact of digital technology and the Internet on Libraries and Information Retrieval.  As we explore this issue further, MBK CONSULTING will develop written materials and workshops.  If you are interested in a specific issue or topic, just let us know.





Workshop & Lecture Descriptions Websites & Bibliographies Consulting About MBK
Publications Schedule KSU Students Home


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